Bantul (MTsN 6) – It is important to establish cooperation with external parties in order to improve the quality of relations and cooperation for an educational institution through free chat free for all. Work programs and training objectives can be achieved thanks to the support and good collaboration of partners or external subjects. This is the basis of the steps of MTsN 6 Bantul to make friendly visits to Islamic colleges located in Wonokromo and Jejeran Pleret villages, Bantul. The large number of MTsN 6 Bantul students living in the Islamic colleges in the area requires good cooperation so that the teaching and learning activities (KBM) and the activities in the cottage can synergize and support each other Saturday (13/06/2020) the visit to the Islamic colleges took place. The group composed of the head of the madrasa, Mafrudah, S.Ag. M.Pd.I accompanied by 8 waka staff members visited 7 Islamic boarding schools, including Al Wahbi Islamic Boarding School, Fadlun Minalloh, Baiqunniyah, Al Fitroh, Nahdatul Syuban, Al Mahalli and Al Imam. “We need to establish good communication with Islamic colleges, especially in the month of Shawwal. Since the condition of the Pleret area is a green zone due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this is the right time to stay in touch, “said Mafrudah, starting the visit.

Some of the things that were conveyed during the visit were congratulations on Eid Al-Fitr 1441 H, the socialization of the PPDB program and other madrasa programs.

The leader of the Islamic college met by the MTsN 6 Bantul team also seemed to welcome the visit and accepted with open arms the invitation to collaborate in guiding the students attending MTsN 6 Bantul. “I support the madrasa program and will not interfere with the policies implemented because it is fully under the authority of MTsN 6 Bantul, as well as with regard to the implementation of the PPDB, we are ready to cooperate,” said KH Sudarman, the custodian of the College of Al Wahbi. With good cooperation, hopefully the quality and quality of madrasa production will also increase. (rt)

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